I enjoy speaking publicly about my experiences across programming and business.
Please drop me an email or tweet me if you'd like me to speak at your event.


No upcoming talks at present!


Beyond the AST - A Fr**ework for Learnable Programming
Venue: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
Programmer Meet Metal: A Quick Introduction to Embedded Programming
Wed 12th Feb 2014, TechMeetup Edinburgh
Venue: Appleton Tower, Edinburgh
Acceptable in the 80s - Revisiting Microworlds
Sat 14th Sep 2013, JSConf EU 2013
Venue: Radialsystem V
How to Fake it for 18 Months and (Almost) Launch a Hardware Product
Fri 31st May 2013, Converge 2013
Venue: Summerhall / TechCube
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Livecoding in Javascript
Thu 9th May 2013, ScotlandJS
Venue: Summerhall
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Entity Systems
Tue 12th Feb 2013, GlasgowJS
Venue: Edinburgh TechCube
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Ruby by the River
Fri 29th Jun 2012, Scottish Ruby Conference
Venue: Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
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